Lectures & Seminars & Evaluations


Lectures in Mediterranean and Red Sea Studies (Ancient History);

Lectures in History of German-Russian academic relations;

Lectures in History of early diplomatic relations;

Lectures in early European history and cultural geography.

Lectures on subject of migration and social change


Seminars in field of Graeco-Roman philosophy;

Seminars on history of German literature; 

Seminars in field of intercultural competence and interreligious dialogue;

Seminars in field of ancient Greek and Latin language for historians and researchers of ancient law.


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Proofreading / evaluation in field of Greco-Roman and antique Mediterranean and early European history.


Proofreading / evaluation in field of academic texts in German language.


Professional opinions  (evaluations / peer reviews) in field of cultural history and joint interdisciplinary German literature and history studies.

[List of lecture and seminar subjects will be available by written request]


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